Our Portfolio

LaunchCapital and the Pritzker/Vlock Family Office’s investments proudly support entrepreneurs who re-imagine what’s possible and assemble world-class teams to turn their vision into reality.

We invest across industries and often provide the first institutional money that companies raise.

Commerce and Marketplaces Consumer Emerging Tech, Data, and Finance Enterprise Software and Services Healthcare

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Commerce and Marketplaces

We invest in companies that leverage new business models and embrace the power of marketplaces. Companies like Mayvenn who found a new way to empower stylists to sell extensions.


We invest in companies that reimagine how consumers engage with each other and the things they enjoy. Like Spotify, changing the way we listen to music.

Emerging Tech, Data, and Finance

We invest in companies that are on the frontiers of new technology, data, or financial services. Like Ceres Imaging, using aerial spectral imagery to optimize water and nitrogen for farmers.

Enterprise Software and Services

We invest in companies like Localytics who make it easier for enterprises to achieve their goals – in this case, providing the leading mobile engagement software to enterprises.


We invest in companies that innovate in healthcare. Like ImpactHealth, who has created a new way for individuals to purchase the insurance they need.