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We’re proud of new investments in companies who are innovating across industries. Check out new members of the LaunchCapital family, as well as recent news across the portfolio.


Mendel automates matching cancer patients to clinical trials through personal medical history and genetic analysis. Check out the perspective of LaunchCapital’s Tom Egan on why we invested in Dr. Karim Galil and team.


Wyebot maximizes enterprise Wi-Fi with its performance, security, and remediation technology. As more and more data shifts onto Wi-Fi, Roger Sands and team are leading the way for companies across the country.


PeopleGrove’s software enables Universities to manage and provide advising, mentorship, and career counseling services for their students. Congrats on the investment to Adam, Reilly and the PeopleGrove team!

More News

Dave Shen – Takeover! The Inside Story of the Yahoo! Ad Revolution… LaunchCapital’s Dave Shen drives you through the inside story of the web’s first mega-company.  Be the first to know when his new book is released.

Wunder Capital – A clean energy economy … Wunder Capital’s Bryan Birsic on the important role (and investment opportunity) for individuals in clean energy financing.

Repsly – Cash flow positive… Bostinno on Repsly’s $1.6m raise and the involvement of LaunchCapital’s Woody Benson in the leading software for field-based teams.

Freight Farms – Farming in space … Popular Mechanics covers NASA’s interest in launching Freight Farms into space!