In Our Thoughts

I’m really excited for Christine CarrilloHelen Lee, and the rest of the team at Impact Health, as they announced the closing of the $13M Series A earlier today.

I’ve had the privilege of working with the team over the last year and have been continually impressed by Christine & Helen’s crystal clear vision about what they are building at Impact Health, in terms of both growing the business and fostering their company culture.

From a business perspective, they were the type of founders that you want to back as an investor — their deep industry experience equipped them with a clear view of the problem, access to data, and a path to market that enabled them to accelerate early. They’ve extended their competitive moat by assembling a truly impressive proprietary dataset that continues to grow and allows them to better serve new and existing customers. This has powered their awesome growth over the last year — 2,353% revenue growth!

However, I’ve found the thoughtfulness that they’ve shown around building the organization behind that business to be equally impressive. This starts with Christine, who is one of the most self-aware founders that I’ve met — she knows her strengths and weaknesses and openly communicates them to teammates & investors. This allows her to play to her strengths and let people fill in where she needs help. The first example of this that I saw was in her choice of Helen as a co-founder. Helen is a force behind the scenes and is an excellent complement to Christine. Their trust in one another runs deep and was a primary reason why I made our original investment.

With that foundation, Christine & Helen have invested a ton of time thinking through the type of company that they want to build. In her post, Christine mentioned that:

Our growth has been deliberate, and aggressive, with a relentless focus on our customer.

The same can be said about how they have built out their team. They have been very thoughtful about making investments of time & money on making the right hires, providing training, and building a culture that can scale with the business.

This is the work that is easy to overlook when the business is rapidly growing and there are 1,000 things that need founder attention. But I think that this is the true hallmark of an excellent founding team. I feel privileged to be a part of the journey and to learn from such a great pair.